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Member Firms

5980 Design Studio, Rogersville, 417-840-6840

Archi-Specs, 417-844-7406

Arkifex Studios, 221 South Avenue, Springfield, 417-773-1605

Arteffect LLC, Springfield, 660-620-6570

Associated Design Group Incorporation, 417-887-6622

Ball Architects, 650 N. Boonville Ave, Suite 200 Springfield, 417-866-1904

Baron Design & Assoc., 3810 E. Sunshine St. Suite 101, Springfield, 417-877-9800

Bass Pro Shops, Springfield, 1-800-227-7776

BoTi Architecture, 504 W College St., Springfield, 877-297-2684

BRP Architects, 138 Park Central Square Suite 101, Springfield, 417-865-6100

Bruning Architecture & Design, 4156 E Oak Knoll Street, Springfield, 417-521-0011

Buddy Webb & Company, 3057 E Cairo Street, Springfield, 417-877-1385

BUF Studio Architecture, 315 Park Central E, Springfield, 417-569-5051

Burkholder Architecture, LLC, Springfield, 417-319-4634

Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective, 3100 S National Ave, Suite 300, Springfield, 417-890-5543

Casey Architecture, 205 Park Central E, Springfield, 417-869-3300

Chamberlain Architects, Fair Grove, MO, 417-880-1396

City of Springfield, MO, 840 Boonville Ave, Springfield, 417-864-1000

City of Springfield City Utilities, PO Box 551, Springfield, 417-863-9000

Corner Greer & Associates, 716 S Main, Joplin, 417-206-3134

CRIT Workshop, LLC

Dake Wells Architecture, 134 Park Central Square, Suite 300, Springfield, 833-518-4545

Dale Peer-Home Design, Inc, 1200 E Woodhurst Dr # K100, Springfield, 417-889-3545

Dille Pollard Architecture, 4061 Highway PP Ste 2, Poplar Bluff, 573-778-0033

Drury Hammons School of Architecture, 900 N Benton Ave, Springfield, 417-873-7879

Esterly Schneider & Associates, 1736 E Sunshine, Ste 417, Springfield, 417-862-0558

FDG, LLC, P.O. Box 14734, Springfield, 417-830-4525

FedEx Freight Inc. 800-992-7816

GHN Architects & Engineers, 300 S Jefferson, Ste 301, Springfield, 417-869-0719

General Design, Inc., 1000 N Business Hwy 65, Branson, 417-334-1999

Godwin & Associates Architects+Engineers, 1200 S Woodhurst Dr, Ste D100, Springfield, 417-887-2667

Greg Mitchell AIA, Republic, 417-619-4550

H Design Group, LLC., 5039 S National Ave, Springfield, 417-887-6595

HCW Management Consultants, 153 S Payne Stewart Drive, Branson, 417-332-3400

HK Architects, 1216 East Main Street, Suite 120 Chattanooga, TN, 423-266-3656

Hood Rich Architecture, 400 South Avenue Suite 300, Springfield, 417-862-4483

Hunter & Millard Architects, Inc., 1501 S Main Street, Joplin, 417-624-8872

Insight Design Architects, 112 S Main Street, Nixa, MO 417-724-8553

Ireland Architects, 1908 E Sunshine, Springfield, 417-881-3409

JPS & Associates, 319 N Main, Ste 100, Springfield, 417-882-4208

Kinetic Design and Development, 2215 W Chesterfield Blvd Suite 01, Springfield, 417-530-4321

Marshall Waters Woody Architecture, 1736 E Sunshine, Ste 311, 417-883-2720

Missouri State University Planning, Design & Construction, 736 S National Ave, 417-836-5101

NForm Architecture, 312 W Commercial St., Springfield, 417-873-2255

Oke-Thomas & Associates, 1972 E Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, 417-863-6262

O'Reilly Hospitality Management, 4045 E Sunshine, Springfield, 417-851-8700

Paragon Architecture, Inc., 637 W College St., Springfield, 417-885-0002

PB2 Architecture and Engineering, 2809 Ajax Avenue Suite 100, Rogers AR, 479-636-3545

Pella Products, Arkansas and Missouri, 417-887-8180

Revival Architects LLC, 417-522-1241

Rhoads Design & Construction, 415 S Union Ave, Springfield, 417-889-6000

Russell Architects P.C., 1249 East Walnut Street, Springfield, 417-866-4600

SAPP Design Architects, 3750 S Fremont, Springfield, 417-877-9600

Storee Construction, 3839 E. Mustard Way, Springfield, 417-736-2032

Throughline Architecture, 417-224-4701

Torgerson Design Partners, 116 N 2nd Avenue, Ozark, 417-581-8889

VE Design Group of MO, LLC, 431 S Jefferson Ave Suite 105, Springfield, 417-612-2913

Vecino Group, 305 W Commercial St., 417-720-1577

Title Sponsor Members

Interpres Building Solutions (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Services), Brad Palmer,, 417-350-8027

Terracon Consultants, Inc., (Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Services, Materials Testing, and Inspections), Ty Alexander, 417-864-5100

Allied Members


Engineering Services

CJD Engineering, LLC. (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Ryan Jones,, 417-877-1700

Interpres Building Solutions (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Brad Palmer,, 417-350-8027

Miller Engineering (Structural, Forensic, & Building Enclosure), Laurie Miller,, 417-866-6664

RTM Engineering Consultants (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Cameron Collins,, 417-881-0020

Terracon Consultants, Inc. (Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Services, Materials Testing, and Inspections), Ty G. Alexander, 417-864-5100

General Contractors

Friga Construction Co., Inc., Eric Friga,, 417-887-7134

JE Dunn Construction, Darcy Stewart,, 816-292-8502

Nabholz Construction, Tim Davis,, 417-450-6019

Nesbitt Construction, Michael Nesbitt,, 417-866-6199

SBI - Springfield Builders Incorporated, Tony Hopkins,, 417-865-6200



Grooms Office Environments (Commercial Furniture, Design, Space Planning, Flooring) Audrey Garard,, 417-883-4646

Midwest Block & Brick (Masonry and Hardscape Products), Mike Ankrom,, 417-840-6431

Prestressed Casting (Concrete), Dave Robertson,, 417-869-7350

Unique Tile (Designer Oriented Tile and Stone), Melissa Turpin,, 417-725-5515


Local Government

City of Springfield Facility Design & Construction, Public Works, Jennifer Swan,, 417-864-2033

Members In Alphabetical Order

Bruce Adib-Yazdi, AIA

Josh Anderson, Assoc. AIA

Allen Arant, AIA Emeritus

Sean Arkin, Assoc. AIA

Marshall Arne, AIA

James Baker, AIA

Chris Ball, AIA

Jack D. Ball, AIA Emeritus

Nicholas Banner, AIA

Rita Baron, Assoc. AIA

Byron Bassinger, AIA

David Beach, AIA,

Kristi Beattie, AIA

Brandon Biskup, AIA

Abbye Bobbett, AIA

Todd Bolin, AIA

Tim Brandt, AIA

Adam Brewer, Assoc. AIA

Brady Brown Assoc. AIA

Kuleya Bruce, Assoc. AIA

Chad Bruning, AIA

Michael Bruno, FAIA Emeritus

Joseph Burkeen, AIA

Christopher Burkhart, AIA

Nathan Burkholder, AIA

Jacob Burris, Assoc. AIA

Geoffrey Butler, AIA

Matthew Capen, AIA

Allen Casey, AIA Emeritus

Joel Chamberlain, AIA

Paden Chambers, Assoc. AIA

Nancy Chikaraishi, AIA

Michael Childress, Assoc. AIA

Michael Clotfelter, AIA

Zachary Cole, Assoc. AIA

Mary Compton, Assoc. AIA

Douglas Corner, AIA

Bonnie Crawford, AIA

Brandon Dake, FAIA

Nia Damgova, Assoc. AIA

Laura Daugherty, AIA

Chelsea Davison, AIA

Kyle Denham, AIA

Laura Jean Derrick, AIA

Kirk Dillon, Assoc. AIA

Jonathan Dodd, AIA

Lisa Drew-Alton, AIA

Aaron Duncan, AIA

John Dunlap, AIA Emeritus

Jessica Eli, AIA

Jeffrey Engel, AIA

Brad Erwin, AIA

Nicole Falconer, AIA

Kellie Foster, Assoc. AIA

David Frohling, AIA

Devon Gengler, AIA

Kurtis Gibson, Assoc. AIA

James Godwin, AIA

Robert Greer, AIA

Michael Griffin, AIA

Christopher Grimm, Assoc. AIA

Timothy Guillot, AIA

Derek Hagerman, AIA

Rob Haik, AIA

Jason Hainline, AIA

Pamela Haldiman, AIA

Tracy Hall, Assoc. AIA

Joseph Hamm, AIA

Michael Hampton, AIA

Michael Harned, AIA

Morgan Harper, Assoc. AIA

Sean Harrell, Assoc. AIA

Nathaniel Hay, Assoc. AIA

Keith Hedges, AIA

Tyler Hellweg, AIA

Bethany Henry, AIA

David Hess, AIA

Melissa Higbie, AIA

Charles Hill, AIA Emeritus

Harlan Hill, AIA

David Horst, AIA

Yong Huang, AIA

Elliott Hunter, AIA

Layne Hunton, AIA

Stephanie Ireland, AIA

Carl James, AIA Emeritus

Allen Johnson, AIA

Elizabeth Johnson, Assoc. AIA

Addison Jones, Assoc. AIA

Thomas Jowett, AIA

Ben Kauffman, AIA

Sara Khorshidifard, Assoc. AIA

Gerri Kielhofner, AIA

Billy Kimmons, AIA

Adam Kreher, AIA

Marek Krukowski, AIA

Brian Kubik, AIA

Meagan Ley, Assoc. AIA

Wade Lininger, AIA

Cynthia Lipscomb, AIA

Joshua Livingston, AIA

Chris Loehr, AIA

James Lohmeyer, AIA

Katlyn Lovekamp, Assoc. AIA

John Luce, AIA

Thomas Lundberg, AIA

Georgiy Mandrik, AIA

Jenine May, Assoc. AIA

Jennifer McClain, Assoc. AIA

Eric McCune, AIA

Kollin McFarland, Assoc. AIA

Jacob McLain, Assoc. AIA

Matthew McLaughlin, AIA

John McNabb, AIA

Paul Melgren, AIA

Henry Millard, Assoc. AIA

Jeffrey Millard, AIA

Carol Minton, AIA

Steven Minton, AIA

Greg Mitchell, AIA

Russell Moffett, AIA

Stephanie Monroe, Assoc. AIA

Blake Mooney, AIA

Bruce Moore, AIA

Scott Mosby, Assoc. AIA

Mr. Nelson, AIA Emeritus

Jacob Nentrup, AIA

Donald Ness, AIA

John Oke-Thomas, AIA

Al Olson, Assoc. AIA

Bryon Oster, Assoc. AIA

Danielle Palmer, AIA

Larry Parke, AIA

Tyler Peck, AIA

Patricia Pierce, AIA

Colin Rader, Assoc. AIA

Kyle Rader, AIA

Bryan Ragsdale, AIA

Natalie Reagan, Assoc. AIA

Lindsay Reichert, Assoc. AIA

Steven Retherford, AIA

Christopher Rhoads, AIA

Tim Rosenbury, AIA

Randy Russell, AIA

Maurizio Sabini, Int'l Assoc. AIA

Douglas Sampson, AIA Emeritus

Brad Samuels, AIA

Kenton Sanders, AIA

Michael Sapp, AIA

Craig Schneider, Assoc. AIA

Nick Schurk, Assoc. AIA

Daniel Scott, AIA

Michael Sebben, AIA

Stephanie Shadwick, AIA

Ashton Shepard, Assoc. AIA

Charles Shreve, AIA Emeritus

Adam Shuler, AIA

Angela Shyaka, Assoc. AIA

Brandon Smith, Assoc. AIA

Chelsea Smith, Assoc. AIA

Jeffery Smith, AIA

Traci Sooter, FAIA

Karen Cordes Spence, AIA

Jonathan Sproule, AIA

Jim Stearman, AIA

Brent Stevens, AIA

Ryan Stewart, AIA

Corey Stinson, Assoc. AIA

Bryan Stockton, AIA

Katherine Stockton, Assoc. AIA

Connor Stokes, Assoc. AIA

Eric Street, AIA

Jessica Struckhoff, Assoc. AIA

James Stufflebeam, AIA

Amber Summers, AIA

Lindsay Sutterer, AIA

Christopher Swan, AIA

Jennifer Swan, AIA

Shauntae Taylor, Assoc. AIA

Stephen Telscher, AIA

Joel Thomas, AIA

Matthew Thornton, AIA

Eddie Tims, AIA

Travis Tindall, AIA

John Torgerson, AIA

Mark Tuttle, AIA

Ime Usukumah, AIA

Benjamin Van Eps, AIA

Joseph Vejraska, AIA

Rachel Vering, AIA

Alex Viehman, Assoc. AIA

Rene Wade, Assoc. AIA

Buddy Webb, AIA

Robert Weddle, AIA

Andrew Wells, FAIA

Mark Wheeler, AIA

Brandon White, Assoc. AIA

Kirsten Whitehead, AIA

Emily Whitty, AIA

Amy Wiley, AIA

Taner Wilkinson, Assoc. AIA

Jennifer Wilson, AIA

Michael Wischmeyer, AIA

Keisha Woodside, Assoc. AIA

William Woody, AIA

Jennifer Worley, AIA

Kyle Yarbrough, Assoc. AIA

Andrew York, AIA

Phillip Young, AIA

Jared Younglove, AIA

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