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Frequently Asked Questions

For Prospective Clients

How do I find an architect for a project?

There are many ways to find the right architect or firm for your project. One of the most effective is to review our list of Members and Member Firms, then explore their work on their websites and in person. A simple call or e-mail can provide a great deal of information—don’t hesitate to reach out and let our professionals assist you with your endeavors.

We only have a small project. How do we find an architect who is willing to help?

No matter the scale of the project, architects are happy to talk with you about your needs. Most firms are excited about taking on a wide array of work. If a project doesn’t fit a particular professional or firm, they often can help direct you to the right fit. Just give a member or firm a call or send an e-mail and we will help.

We only have a small budget. How do we find an architect who is willing to help?

No matter the size of your budget, architects are skilled at finding the right design solutions that will make a difference in the built environment. Our profession is most interested in assisting people spend money wisely in an effort to create the best design options. Don’t be afraid to make a call or send an e-mail.

For Designers and Architects

What kind of design community does the Springfield, Missouri area have?

Springfield has a wonderful design community—there are excellent design firms of all sizes, with their work making a difference in our regional built environment. Local and regional projects have been acknowledged with national and regional awards. Our AIA component is active and inclusive, with socials, monthly lunches, and an active Young Architects Forum. In addition, our downtown is newly revitalized, offering a fun atmosphere, and our area surroundings offer great walking, hiking and biking trails, rivers and lakes for canoeing and relaxation, and museums, good health care, and higher educational institutions.

How do I get involved in the design community in the Springfield, Missouri area?

Contacting any AIA Springfield board member is the easiest way to get involved and connected—we are eager to welcome participation, whether you want to be involved in our programs such as the design awards program, community awareness activities, or simply attend any of our events.

How do I find employment with an architecture firm in the Springfield, Missouri area?

The most up-to-date employment opportunities are usually posted on firm websites or on their Facebook pages. By reviewing our Member Firms list, you will be able to find contact information for the area firms and search to find their hiring status and contact information.

For Architecture Firms

How does my firm find designers and architects in the Springfield, Missouri area?

Posting employment opportunities on the firm website and Facebook page provides the most current information to potential employees. Contacting the Hammons School of Architecture is another possibility, as the administration is able to inform students of internships.

How do I find RFPs and RFQs in the Springfield, Missouri area?

The City of Springfield project information can be found at Springfield Public Schools list bond project progress at Other area schools may list projects on their websites as well.

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